Mitt Romney vs. Obama – Is the Fix Already In?

Infamous White Sox Team Members,
Who Threw the World Series in 1919
In 1919 several members of the White Sox Team conspired to purposely lose the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. If you were playing on such a team and you knew they intended to lose, would you keep playing, in order to cover for them, or throw your glove down and walk off the field in disgust to expose the sham.

Many people, including Mike Savage, feel that John McCain did not try very hard to win the election. He made certain topics, such as Obama hate-America sect, out of bounds and sometimes attacked his own supporters more harshly than he would Obama for doing such things as calling Obama a “Muslim” when he certainly has Muslim sympathies and is at least a “cultural” Muslim. That is someone, who identifies with Islam, due to family/ethnic ties.


Mike Savage – Romney Fall Guy for Obama, Like McCain


The Republicans, in general, have been strangely unresponsive to many of the issues with Obama. Just to name a few:

– They did not help vet Obama’s background or his doubtful eligibility and do not seem to care a whit about the constitutional requirements for eligibility to serve in the office.

– They did not oppose the unlawful war in Libya, when Obama thumbed his nose at the constitutional requirement for waging war.

– They have not seriously tried to oppose or investigate his several serious unconstitutional actions.

Romney is also not exactly playing hardball with Obama. He does not really challenge him on any important points.

Romney cannot challenge him on religion, because Mormonism is pretty strange in it’s own right and Romney does not want to talk about religion.

So, if the fix is in and Romney is expected to lose, the question is do you keep playing along and supporting him so that it validates this fraud and looks like a fair election? Or, do you throw down your glove and walk off the field in disgust to expose this fraud for what it is? That is, not support him and not vote for him, since he is obviously not playing as hard as he should and most of the rest of his Republican team mates are obviously not playing hard either. Apparently, most of them do not feel this country is worth fighting for.

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