Make Obama and Romney really Duke it Out

We have a miserable choice between Obama and Romney. There are things about both of them that their parties want to keep hidden. The way to get them to fight harder is to withhold support, until the end. The Republicans never vetted and challenged Obama like they should have on his eligibility or what Black Liberation Theology is really about; that is black supremacy and the divine destruction of white society, America and the Christian church. Black Liberation Theology teaches that blacks will rule after the destruction of white society, that is implement a black theocracy. Neither the politicians not the media want to go there.

On the other hand, Romney is a high priest in the Mormon Melchizedek Order of the Mormon church. This is a religious group that has implemented a political theocratic dictatorship in the past in the Mormon territory and they have no regrets about that. The fundamental mission of the church is to do it again on a global scale, if they get the chance.

Many would also like to see Romney show documentation that his father was a US citizen when Mitt was born. The historic definition of the natural-born citizenship requirement for the president of the Constitution is that your parents must be citizens.

Both major political parties want to polarize the public and demonize the other side so much that they will support one side or the other unconditionally and blindly. The way to make them really compete and talk more about these issues is to not be a rah-rah supporter from the beginning, but to be more critical of both parties and withhold support for any candidate until these issues do get a fair public hearing.

The 1st Amendment prohibits the Government from applying a religious test, but not the voters from being informed and having their own opinions about a candidates religious background and beliefs.

America can survive either of these candidates being elected. What America cannot survive is that the politicians and media are allowed to withhold the truth on important issues like these from public discussion.

Many people think the only issues are such mundane things as taxes and economic growth. Constitutional eligibility is a serious issue that many do not want to talk about, because both parties have candidates or potential candidates that may be ineligible. When a candidate has a religious belief that is fundamentally about the divine destiny of America as Mormonism and Black Liberation Theology both have, that is also a very serious issue that should be discussed. Candidates for the presidency are not princes dueling to become king. All candidates must be answerable to the American people.

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