Obama’s Gestapo uses Schutzhaft (Protective Custody) to detain ‘State Enemy’

Erik Holder

Taking “enemies” of the state into so-called “protective custody” was one of the most useful tools of the GESTAPO of the Third Reich. Holder and der Führer are likely just testing the waters to see, if Americans will tolerate their locking up critics in mental institutions.

The paragraph below is taken from the this website The Nizkor Project – The Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) & Sicherheitsdienst

The great power of the GESTAPO was “Schutzhaft” — the power to imprison people without judicial proceedings on the theory of “protective custody.” This power was based upon the law of 28 February 1933 which suspended the clauses of the Weimar Constitution guaranteeing civil liberties to the German people, including Article 114 thereof, which provided that an abridgement of personal liberty was permissible only by authority of law. (2499-PS)

In this clip below, Obama’s own “GESTAPO,” commanded by Erik Holder, arrests a enemy of the state (Volksvermin) and puts him in protective custody for the high treasonous crime of posting his political views on FaceBook. They then haul him off to a mental institution for incarceration and interrogation.

The person, Brandon J. Raub, is lucid and cooperative. He is a veteran of the Marines and does not appear to be having any kind of a psychotic episode that would justify such an arrest. It is very unusual to have FBI agents, committing someone to a mental hospital. If he committed a crime, he should be charged with it, until it is determined that he is mentally ill.

Marine Veteran Arrested for FaceBook Post – Pat Dollard


This is the same sort of thing that the GESTAPO used to do. The Nazis did it on a larger scale and re-wrote the law so that they had leeway to do anything that they wanted. But it is still early in their reign. Obama’s thugs may get there, eventually.

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  1. Roger says:

    Sorry, but I delete comments about violence, revolution or that are too profane. I don’t advocate the overthrow of the Government, but a return to the principles on which it was founded.

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