Protester Defends Obama/Nazi Comparison to San Diego Union/Tribune

This is a letter published in the San Diego Union/Tribune about the Nazi-like, seditious racism of the religious doctrine of Obama’s sect in Chicago, based on Black Liberation Theology. It was written in response to personal, name-calling attacks by Logan Jenkins, a writer for the Union-Tribune, and published in the newspaper. It was also posted on the website of their website, Sign-on San Diego.

“Two election bricks and a bouquet for comic relief” by Logan Jenkins

“Hitler and Obama: Street protester resents name calling” by Logan Jenkins

In my letter below, they edited out much of my supporting commentary and references,

Letter to the Editor of the San Diego Union about Racism of Black Liberation Theology

This is a king-has-no-clothes situation. It is not acceptable that a president was in a group like this, which is extremely seditious in its anti-Americanism and Nazi-like racism. Black Liberation Theology equates white society to the “Antichrist” and states that being white is the source of depravity in the world, while at the same time exalting the black race as the manifestation of god. This is Nazi-like and insane, yet we are not even supposed to notice it or speak of it in public. If we do, we will be personally attacked by the mindless minions of the “messiah.”

The 'Offending' Protest Sign
The Other Side of the Sign

This is the main clip that upset Logan Jenkins of the Union Tribune so much in the first place.

9 thoughts on “Protester Defends Obama/Nazi Comparison to San Diego Union/Tribune”

  1. There is nothing wrong with stating the truth! We treat minorities better than our own these days and Obama is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER MADE!!! We need more people like this to speak out and state the truth! He is slowly but surely changing our country into the biggest piece of shit! WHITES ARE THE MINORITYS NOW! If you add all the minorities together then really we are the MINORITY and wheres our free education? Wheres the jobs that get handed to us!? WE NEED TO STAND UP AND START A MOVEMENT!!! SPEAK YOUR MIND AND USE YOUR VOICE!!!!!!

  2. We The People support the truth that is in fact something the liberal media WON’T DO. The liberal media is full of a lot of communist backed stabbers would never do the right thing for the American people just like the alleged president.

  3. Yes I am well aware of that fact. I have sat on the American Grand Jury and we have sent our presentments to the Federal district Courts in several States of course the cowards will not uphold their oath either just like senators and Congress and all those cowards and belong in prison. Anyone who needs more proof should look at these links.

  4. I am responding to reactions relating to Roger Ogden’s revelations regarding Obama’s twenty-plus year association with The Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC). As far as I can discern, Mr.Ogden’s arguments are founded upon factual peculiarities that define the TLC. As a student of Black Nationalism (BN) and Black Liberation Theology BLT) I, too, have voiced my concerns regarding Obama’s involvement in ideologies that characterize blacks as victims, whites as ‘evil, oppressor-colonizers’. Obama’s books are laden with dogma that reduces whites to a race of oppressor-colonizers; blacks, browns and yellows are, of course, the colonizer’s ‘oppressed-victims’. The inherent dangers within these ideologies have been seen throughout history: Mr. Ogden’s pictorial characterization of the IDEOLOGICAL similarities Obama shares with Hitler provide a symbolic reference to the havoc dogmatic madmen have inflicted upon history. Hitler’s exploitation of the illusion of ‘oppressed-oppressor’ relationships led to the extermination of six-million Jewish ‘oppressor-colonizers’. Mr. Ogden is symbolically urging the same admonitions Winston Churchill once issued regarding Hitler’s Mein Kampf, “Gentlemen, READ his book!” America will soon learn whether Obama’s dedication to BN and BLT exceed his oath of office. Because America knew so little about the man Obama when he was elected president, all any of us can hope is that we have not deceived ourselves –


    The wolves sure know how to oHOWLma
    At the news which can make me oGROWLma;
    I’ll never throw in the oTOWELma
    If we can get rid of oBOWELma !

    [Google “Madam Nancy Pelosi’s Brothel District,” “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “Obama Fulfilling the Bible.”]

  6. Dear Editor,
    If you do just a few minutes of research, as all editors should, you will find the truth about the racism of The Black Libertarian Theology Church. Obummer’s preacher actually said, “God d@#m America.” And he is a preacher? We, the people, one nation under GOD, will not allow this racist hate group or the Kenyan born President with his fake birth certificate to turn America into a Socialist racist country. The TEA Party has spoken, and God will return our nation to HIS followers. Don’t Tread on America; Live free or die.
    Diana C.Sharp Russom

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